How to Install Eclipse in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a very well-known and widely used Linux based operating system. Developers prefer this OS because of its light weight and ease of use. In this tutorial we will learn how to install eclipse on ubuntu for development purposes.

Step # 1 – Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu has a very different, yet still a user friendly interface. It allows software downloads and installation through its software center. The software center can usually be found on the dock to the left of the screen. But if not found there, it can be located in the all applications menu.
The software center hosts applications categorized on the basis of types, but we can always search for the required applications and software to skip all the hassle.

Ubuntu Software Center

Step # 2 – Search Eclipse

To install eclipse on Ubuntu, writing Eclipse in the search bar will prompt the software center to search and display matches in result. Eclipse can be found within these results. Click on Eclipse to open its software page.

Eclipse in Ubuntu Software Center search

Step # 3 – Install

The next step is very simple. On the software page there is an install button. Just press the button and the software center will start downloading and installing Eclipse. This will take some time as Ubuntu will be fetching Eclipse files from the internet. The progress bar will show how much download and installation is complete.

Pressing the install button for Eclipse

Step # 4 – Run for the first time

Once Eclipse is completely installed on your computer, its icon will start showing up on the dock on the left. You can click on it to run Eclipse for the first time.
The first run will take time to start, but it is nothing to worry about. Halfway through its start-up it will prompt to set up a workspace directory. If we wish to change the location of the workspace, we can specify here or can continue to start using Eclipse.

Setting up workspace for Eclipse

This installation experience is similar to those that can be found on mobile platforms and gives comfort and ease to the users. From searching, to installing, to using, the process is easy and simple and lacks any form of complications which attracts developers and other users to try Ubuntu and work on it.

This was all about how to install eclipse on ubuntu.