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How to Check if iPad Covered Under Warranty

In this tutorial you are going to learn the simple process to check iPad warranty.

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How to Check iPad Version with Serial Number

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to check iPad version using just the serial number and a website.

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How to Create Black List in Gmail

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a black list in gmail. This is useful for blocking certain e-mails or subjects from being sent to your inbox.

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How to Use Unix Cut Command

In this tutorial, we will teach you on how to use the UNIX cut command.

Cut command is basically used to select or extract a chunk of text from a particular file. You can do that by specifying a particular range where the text is present in the file. You can even specify specific characters.

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What is GIT

In this tutorial, we will give a GIT review. We will cover what is git, what is version control and how it helps a user. We will also cover the topic of git hub along with how to create a repository. We will also guide you on how to download git on to your computer.

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