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How to Create a Graph in Excel

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular applications around the world. Microsoft Excel is a part of this package. Most of the people prefer to use Excel for official purposes due to three main reasons. These reasons are Storing, analyzing and displaying of data in a convenient form. You can present the stored information in the form of different graphs in Excel. There is also a chart wizard in Excel spread sheets which helps to create charts in a very easy way.

In this tutorial we will guide you to learn how to create a graph in Excel in few simple steps.

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How To Get Free Background Music for Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular office applications which help you to make attention grabbing presentations. By using PowerPoint we can create rich presentations within minutes. PowerPoint slides are capable of using still and animated images, sounds, videos, background music and many other exciting things to make your presentation lively. There are many beautiful sounds available within the PowerPoint application which can help to convey your message. If you wish to add your custom sounds to a presentation, then you can easily find thousands of background music tunes online. There are various websites which are offering free sounds and background music for PowerPoint presentations. Here in tutorial we guide you to add a custom background music file for your slides. For this purpose we choose to use a website called Brainy Betty which has many wonderful sound files available online for free.

Follow the steps given below to learn how to get free background music for PowerPoint.

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How to Set up Microsoft Outlook

In this tutorial you would be learning how to link your email address with Microsoft Outlook. Just follow these simple steps and you would get done in no time.

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How to Add Media to Powerpoint 2010

In this tutorial you would learn how to add media files to your powerpoint presentation. So first of all lets open up Microsoft Powerpoint.

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