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How to Use YouTube Video Editor

Youtube is one of the largest audio/video library on the web. It has a multitude of audio/visual data stored and sorted so that anyone can easily search for their interests. Millions of videos are uploaded and managed on Youtube by individuals from all over the world. It gives an easy access to entertainment and infotainment alike. You can also edit videos in Youtube by merging videos, adding visual effects, music and lengthening or shortening the timeline of each video component.

Follow this step by step tutorial to learn How to use the video editor in Youtube.

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How to Create Motion and Shape Tweening in Flash?

Adobe Flash is a well known animation software. There are various tools and functions available in it to create different types of animated flash movies. It also offers a concept of “Tweening” which allows you to create animations of specific frames for a particular period of time. There are two types of tweening which are motion tweening and shape tweening. Motion tweening works on vector graphic while shape tweening applies on raster graphic.

In this tutorial you will learn to create both motion and shape tweening in a single flash animation.

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How To Use Google Buzz?

You can easily spot Google buzz on the menu towards the left side in your gmail account. It is a micro-blogging application integrated in Gmail which helps you in sharing comments, pictures and updates all your contracts in your Gmail account. You will need a gmail login ID and password in order to use Google buzz. It also allows you to share videos from the internet with your friends in a very interactive way. You can add comments, like the video and many other features. This tutorial will help you to learn how to use Google Buzz by following a few simple and easy steps.

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How To Install Video Wallpaper on Your Desktop?

Nowadays moving wallpaper backgrounds are among the most popular searches. With constant upgrades and technological advancements, you can now set up moving images and even videos for your background instead of static pictures for desktop wallpapers. You can easily find tons of moving desktop backgrounds on the internet. Animations, GIF images and even flash content can now be used as desktop wallpapers. Furthermore, many video players now give the option of making the video, that is currently being played, to become your desktop wallpaper. Video wallpapers allow you to give your desktop a dynamic look.
Here in this tutorial we will be using the VLC media player to set videos as desktop wallpapers. Follow these simple steps to learn how to install video wallpaper on desktop.

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How To Get Cable Television On Windows Media Center?

Many people don’t know much about Windows Media Center which is the most powerful multimedia application available in the windows platform. This built in application is convenient and powerful and can also be used as a Digital Video Recorder. By using Media Center you can record live television programs, make a schedule for your favorite programs, slow down or make it play faster or even pass over the commercials between shows. You can easily set up Windows Media Center in your home and watch TV and experience something new.
Follow these few simple steps to learn how to get cable television on windows media center.

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