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How to Split Videos Into Sections for Youtube?

Youtube is one of the most popular online video sharing network. It has a variety of music videos available, including music videos, songs, movie reviews etc. More and more people upload and share videos on this platform on a daily basis. When people try to upload a long video, it can take up a lot of time due the size of the video file. The best solution of this problem is to split the video into two or three segments. This will help in uploading the files much faster. Youtube also has the time limit of ten minutes and fifty nine seconds. Any video longer then that cannot be uploaded. By splitting videos, you can upload a complete video on the platform in several different parts. Splitting up a video into several different segments is an easy task. In this tutorial we would be using the Windows Movie Maker to split a video.
You need to follow through these simple steps to learn how to split videos into sections for Yourtube.

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How to Connect PC to HDMI TV?

In this tutorial you would be learning how to connect your PC or laptop to an HDMI TV.

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How to convert video to Sony PSP video Mp4 Format?

In this step by step guide you would learn how to convert a video in the Sony PSP video format.

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