How to Report an Environmental Violation Online

In this tutorial you will learn how to report environmental violation online in U.S.

Step 1. Go to You will find there the official online environmental violation report form of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

go to EPA website

Step 2. Under “Emergencies” fill the information about suspected violator. You can either provide or not provide your contact information. In case of you not providing your contact information, Environmental Protection Agency will not be able to contact you for additional information needed for possible investigation.

fill in violator info

Step 3. Fill in the details of environmental violation into the table.

fill in violation details

Step 4. Enter the detailed description of incident into the boxes below the table, following EPA website’s guidelines.

enter incident description

Step 5. Check if you have filled all the important details of the form, then click “Send Report”. You will be redirected to the page with the summary of your report.

redirected to report description

Result: Now you have successfully reported an environmental violation online.