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How to add photos and clipart to your PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint presentations are a catchy and compelling means through which you can provide your audience with amazing graphical presentations. You can add several visual elements such as images, videos, charts and graphs since they tend to make a tremendous difference in your presentation. You can easily find a template for PowerPoint presentations online. It is recommended to keep your presentation brief; to the point and precise.
There are various preset images for PowerPoint available which are really easy to add into the slides. Apart from that you can add pictures from your computer as well. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add photos and clipart to your PowerPoint presentation.

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How to add a rainbow in pictures in Photoshop?

If you want to create a magical scenery and add essence to your landscape image, then you can certainly make use of the rainbow effect. With basic image manipulation techniques you can add a realistic effect to your image. To create a rainbow in Photoshop you would be using the gradient tool as the basis for the whole effect, adding colors to your imagery.

Follow the step by step guide to learn how to add a rainbow in pictures in Photoshop.

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How To Add Photoshop Fonts?

Today, Photoshop is one of the most popular designing tool available to you. It provides very easy and comprehensive editing tools with a user friendly UI that makes maneuvering around the application very easy. Photoshop also contains a text editing tool. You can use its pre-installed fonts for making banners, advertisement and lots of other creative projects, or you can add several fonts to the application and use them to add that creative touch to your images. There are various other fonts available on the internet and many of them allow you to download Photoshop fonts for free. You can choose from the several font sites which are specifically developed for this purpose.
Follow through these simple steps to learn how to add Photoshop fonts on your computer. In this tutorial we will be logging on to “Urban Fonts”, which is a web platform containing a database of several different fonts . You can download these fonts for free from the website. Simply log on to:

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How To Add People to a Photo?

Everybody wants to share those perfect moments with their friends and loved ones. Every picture tells a separate story and with the technology of internet, sharing information across the globe has never been easier.
Various applications have been developed to facilitate people in sharing photos across networks. Here we use “Flickr” which is an online photo and video album sharing platform where you can fill up the gallery with tons of photos. Furthermore, you can even embed Flickr gallery to your website. The Flickr comment allows you to have a conversation about the image with the people whom you have shared the image with. This sharing network has certainly expanded over the years and now you can even find many applications of Flickr for android, iPhone and other smartphones.
Following is a step by step guide on how to add people to a photo by using Flickr:

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