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Mac Web

How to Import and Export Bookmarks from Safari to Google Chrome

In this tutorial, you will learn How To export bookmarks from safari to google chrome.

Perhaps I have been using Apple’s Safari web browser for years. Now I have decided to make the switch to Google Chrome browser. After years of using Safari, I have accumulated quite a large list of bookmarks. I would like to take those bookmarks with me to Chrome. Thankfully, Safari allows me to export a list of bookmarks, which can in turn be imported to Google Chrome.

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Basics Mac

How to Delete Bookmarks on Mac

To delete a bookmark on your browser find the book mark in the top bar and right click on it. Then click on delete.

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Basics PC

How to use bookmarks in Microsoft Word 2010

Who would not like to save precious time and use shortcuts instead while working on word documents? One of the best features MS Word 2010 provides is the use of ‘Bookmarks’. Bookmarks basically help you find spots in a particular document that need to be edited. This can thus assist one in locating particular spots they marked in their document.

This tutorial will teach you about bookmarks and their use, using a few easy steps.
In this Office 2010 tutorial you will specifically learn how to use bookmarks in Microsoft Word 2010.

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How to Make Bookmarks Online and Share Them

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How to Access Bookmarks in Google Chrome

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