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How to Download and Use Additional Emoticons and Audibles?

It’s a known fact that pictures and animated images can represent a feeling in a more expressive way than words. This is the reason to drive every messenger service to offer emoticons in their chat windows. Most of the time people use emoticons to demonstrate their feelings in a simple way rather than typing it. Besides the default emoticons which are available in messengers, there are also free emoticon applications available. Such applications provide additional interactive audible and animated emoticons for msn, yahoo and other popular messenger services.

In this tutorial we are using Bandoo Emoticons which is a free application and offers lots of additional emoticons.

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How To Download Free Online Virus Scans?

The online community is moving at a fast pace and business seems to be growing rapidly. Various tasks and procedures, which were done manually, can be completed within seconds due to technological advancements in this field. Apart from the many benefits of working online, there are always drawbacks, primarily in the shape of computer viruses, malware and other harmful scripts. Valuable data can be lost from your personal computer due to viruses. One way of protecting your personal computer from getting infected is by installing an antivirus application. You can use the application to scan your computer on a regular basis. This would help in detecting and getting rid of malware and other forms of computer virus. It should be kept in mind that scanning your computer requires a lot of time, which usually depends on the amount of data you are scanning.
If you don’t know how to setup and use an antivirus then this tutorial will guide you through the whole procedure. For this tutorial we would be using “Kaspersky” which is one of the most simple and powerful applications available to date.
Follow the steps below to learn how to download free online virus scans and security programs.

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How To Add Photoshop Fonts?

Today, Photoshop is one of the most popular designing tool available to you. It provides very easy and comprehensive editing tools with a user friendly UI that makes maneuvering around the application very easy. Photoshop also contains a text editing tool. You can use its pre-installed fonts for making banners, advertisement and lots of other creative projects, or you can add several fonts to the application and use them to add that creative touch to your images. There are various other fonts available on the internet and many of them allow you to download Photoshop fonts for free. You can choose from the several font sites which are specifically developed for this purpose.
Follow through these simple steps to learn how to add Photoshop fonts on your computer. In this tutorial we will be logging on to “Urban Fonts”, which is a web platform containing a database of several different fonts . You can download these fonts for free from the website. Simply log on to:

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How to install fonts?

In this tutorial you would learn how to install fonts on your system. Just follow this step by step guide:

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How to download and use iTunes?

In this step by step guide you would learn how to download and use the iTunes application.

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