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How to Use Offset Function in Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the OFFSET function in Excel.

The offset function returns a reference to a range that is a given number of arrows and columns away from a given reference.

In our example, we will want to check the last entries of column A and column B, the Date and the Closing Rate respectively.

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How to Calculate Net Present Value (Npv) in Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn to calculate Net Present Value, or NPV, in Excel.

Net Present Value is a financial function that is calculated for an investment, and it represents the present value of the investment minus the amount of money that costs to buy in. Excel offers a preset function for this called NPV.

Please be aware that all the investment cash flows must occur at the same interval for the calculation to be accurate.

NPV has two arguments: rate – which refers to the discount rate, and the range of values that contains future cash flows.

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How to Change Caps to Lowercase in Excel

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to change caps to lowercase in Excel.

Many a times, a user might type in text without realizing that the entire text was written with the Caps lock turned on. The user can either re-type everything again in the lowercase or can convert the text written in caps to lowercase.

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How to Use the HLOOKUP Function in Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the HLOOKUP function in Excel.

There are times when you want to calculate a value which resides in a separate table, but don’t want to use IF commands for this. Lookups, vertical and horizontal, provide you with just the means to do it.

In our example, we have our Horizontal Table in the same spreadsheet, but it could easily be in a separate one, or even in a separate workbook. As you can see, the table is an index of tax rates according to the offered salary. If such rules change along the way, we will need only to modify the Horizontal Table.

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How to Hide and Unhide Worksheet in Excel

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to hide worksheet Excel. This tutorial has been made on Excel 2010 and applies to this versions, as well as 2007.

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