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How to Show Hidden Files on Mac (El Capitan)

In this tutorial you will learn how to show hidden files on a Mac running on OS X “El Capitan”.

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Mobile Office

How to Save Files in Excel for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

In this tutorial you will learn how to save a document in different locations, including sending it as an attachment through e-mail as a Workbook or PDF. You will also learn to change the location of an already stored file from Excel for iPhone.

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Basics Video

How to Merge Video Files

Merging your video files seems to be the easiest editing job, but when you’re using your ordinary laptop without special editing software, it might turn into real crusade in a search for a right tool.

To keep it fast and simple, please see the rest of this tutorial.

So we have those 3 separate files with family video content that we want to upload to YouTube as one video, they are recorded at different times and…whooops…they have different codecs.

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How to Search FTP Files

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to search ftp files.

FTP; File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol that is used to transfer files from one host to another through a TCP based network for example the internet.

FTP is constructed on a client server architecture and it uses different control and data that establishes connections between the server and the client.

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to search for ftp files.

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How to Backup Your Files Online (SugarSync)

What is SugarSync? Sugarsync is a cloud backup service for your computer that allows you to store all your music and other files online. It even allows you to listen to this music. In this tutorial, we will give you a brief sugarsync review.

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