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How to apply fonts, background colors, and borders in Excel 2010

While working with spreadsheets and workbooks in excel Microsoft, one can use a variety of fonts, background colors and borders to give their data a new and different appearance. You can even use the colors and borders for excel to make one cell stand out against the others or color code information.

Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to apply fonts, background colors and borders in Excel.

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How to use the different font and color options in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint allows its users to gain potential outcomes out of their presentations in a beneficial manner. It makes the process of deliberation easy to understand and convey. With the help of Microsoft PowerPoint design slides, you can have an outlined text and image appearance to simply insert the content and not worry about starting anything from scratch.
Selecting a theme for such slides in Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to connect the design of your complete presentation. For that it is essential to know how to use the different font and color options in this software. Already stylized slide options can also be chosen from different PowerPoint templates present in it.
To understand more about this follow the tutorial below.

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How to install fonts?

In this tutorial you would learn how to install fonts on your system. Just follow this step by step guide:

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