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How To Geotag Your Photos?

In this tutorial, we will guide you through a step by step process on how to geotag your photos. There has been a radical movement towards geo location and location based applications. You can easily specify a location where a picture was taken using the Google Maps application in Picasa. You can download the two applications and embed the location where the picture was taken. Furthermore, geotagging photos also allows your picture to be viewed via a satellite map that is rendered by Google Maps.

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How to Use RSS?

Get an RSS Reader – The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re getting into reading sites via RSS is to get yourself acquainted with an RSS Feed Reader.
There are many feed readers going around with a variety of features – however a good place to start is with a couple of free and easy to use web based ones like Google Reader and Bloglines. Follow the step by step process mentioned below showing how to use RSS:

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How to use google earth?

With Google Earth you can now see more of the world than ever. In this tutoorial you would be learning how to use Google Earth.

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