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How to View Details of an Image in Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat provides with various tools for review and editing of documents, form, tables etc. as a Portable Document Format (PDF). It is an effective way of presenting information in a fixed form close to its publishing results. You can use Acrobat to view details pertaining to the image in Acrobat such as its size, resolution etc. Insert image in Acrobat to see how such details can be viewed by following this tutorial.

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How to make windows 7 image bootable

The USB flash drive has replaced the floppy disk drive as the best storage medium for transferring files. USB drives tend to be higher in capacity than disc media Not only is it faster to copy data such as setup files from a USB drive, but during usage the access times are also significantly faster. The only problem is to make windows 7 iso bootable.
This guide will show you how to make windows 7 bootable.

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How to Add Text to an Image in Photoshop

Often simply typing into a picture is not quite enough. Textures in the photo are usually too busy so the typing appears unreadable. Over here we will demonstrate some ideas on using text in a picture, as well as techniques on how to integrate the image in Photoshop as part of the text effect.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to add text to an image in Photoshop through a simple technique.

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How to Make a Poster in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can create a silhouette in Illustrator and create an image using an original photograph with the help of live trace in adobe illustrator and then furthermore, how you can use it to create a poster.

Silhouette is often referred as a black outlined shape, much like a shadow. Silhouette can be used to create interesting designs for posters and flyers and can be used to create great impact on the image.

The Live trace option can be used to turn a photograph into a black and white vector or even a colored vector image. In this tutorial, we will also transform the photograph into a black and white vector image.

Follow the steps to learn how to design a poster by turning an image into silhouette in Adobe Illustrator.

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