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How To Install Widgets on Your PC?

Widgets are small programs which use, what is called, a GUI interface. They can be directly placed on your web page where they are able run independently. They are the best source available to make your website interactive without getting into complicated programming codes. There are many applications available which provide many interactive desktop widgets which can be installed and set up in a matter of minutes. These widgets may take the form of desktop clocks, calendars, cartoons etc. You can also search and download more widgets from the internet
In this tutorial we would be teaching you how to install widget on your PC by following a few simple steps. For this tutorial we would be using Yahoo! Widgets.
Before starting with the steps you would need to get your hands on the widgets. In order to download a Yahoo! Widget application, go to the URL: widgets.yahoo.com

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How to install fonts?

In this tutorial you would learn how to install fonts on your system. Just follow this step by step guide:

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