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How to Annotate Attachments in Mac OS X Yosemite Mail App

In this tutorial you will learn how to annotate attachments in Mac OS X Yosemite Mail app.

For the people who want to write an email over their email or simply remember “the one last thing”, the Mail client in Yosemite has now a nice feature called “Markup”.

You can use arrows, shapes and texts to indicate parts of your document.

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How to Setup IMAP on Yahoo Mail

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup IMAP on Yahoo! Mail. Setting up IMAP is necessary when adding a Yahoo e-mail account to a third party client, such as Outlook. Also, mobile devices will need to use this process in order to access e-mail without logging in via a mobile browser.

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How to Vote by Mail

In this tutorial you will learn how to register to vote by mail, so it’ll be more efficient for you to vote during elections.

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How to Set Up Windows Mail to Windows XP

Outlook Express was the standard mail program in XP and people who upgraded to Vista or 7 were presented with the Windows Mail system instead. Windows Mail for XP doesn’t exist so this tutorial will show you how to install a solid alternative: Windows Live Mail.

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What is Windows Mail

In this video you are going to learn what is Windows mail and how you can use it.

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