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How to Create a Wildcard Query in Microsoft Access

Queries are questions that a user asks from the database. You can create wild card queries in Access. When these wild card queries are executed, they go and search the access database according to the search criteria mentioned. These Wildcard Queries are very useful when you are looking for a certain word; you don’t remember where you have used it and what context it was used in.

Wild card queries are of one time use only because you don’t need them in future as you do not forget the same thing over and over again. You can always create a wild card query whenever the need arises.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to create a wildcard query in Access.

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How to Create a Pivot Table in Microsoft Access

Pivot table in Access is a good way to group and summarize huge amounts of information like sales records pulled from a database. Pivot tables allow you to analyze your data in a more graphical manner.

The best thing about pivot tables is that they are very customizable. For example, you can start with a sub grouped view that shows you all your sales grouped by customer’s country. Let’s say, you change your mind and want all the sales grouped according to the orders. This change can easily be brought about in the pivot table.

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How to Create a Pivot Chart in Microsoft Access

Creating graphs and charts will give your data a more presentable look. It will be easier for the end user to analyze data presented in graphical form. Sometimes merely looking at numbers is not enough. A graphical image conveys the message better.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to create a pivot chart in Access.

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How to Use Macros in Data in Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is database application software that lets you create database of various sorts with ease. The best part about Microsoft access database is that it helps one to quickly track and report information. It provides the user with rich user interface and interactive design capabilities. It can also be used for web applications. Data macros in Access enable you to add logic to events that occur in tables such as adding, updating, or deleting data.

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