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How to Repair and Maintain Database in Microsoft Access

MS access is database application software that lets you create database of various sorts with ease. If your database contains lots of records, it is important that you compact and repair it from time to time. Doing so refreshes your database. Sometimes it happens that you delete certain records but they are still present in the database. Through the use of compact and repair, such records will be eliminated and the excess space taken up by the file will be reduced.

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How to Split Database in Microsoft Access

If you have many users of a database, try converting it to spilt database structure. Your database will be divided into two main parts; first is the front end file containing all the objects (queries, macros, forms, reports and modules). The second part is the backend file that is linked to all the frontend files. Backend can be stored in location which can be shared with many users. The front end is distributed to each user’s desktop and linked to the shared database. This reduces network traffic as the file does not have to be retrieved every time. Database manager and database splitter helps in the process of creating such architecture.

Splitting your database has several advantages; if you are sharing it over LAN or with a large group of people, a back end version is made so that all the updates can be viewed by everyone using the file.

In this Access tutorial, we will teach you how to create a split database in Access.

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How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Access

Many computer users like to work with keyboards. It increases their speed and makes them less dependent on mouse clicks. There are functions that are common to all the products of Microsoft products such as cut, copy and paste and the shortcuts are the same for them in all Microsoft Office programs.

In this tutorial, we will teach you keyboard shortcuts in Access that you can use to perform various actions without using your mouse.

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How to Use Search, Find and Go to Option in Microsoft Access

Access gives you a few different ways to jump to a record that you need. The find option in Access allows you to locate the specific text you can’t seem to find. The search option makes it easy to look for a person or order but it does not give you the perfect match. The “go to” options help you to navigate through records easily. Search MS access for records and objects through the use of these options.

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How to Cut, Copy and Paste in Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is database application software that lets you create database of various sorts with ease. In access, there are advance options that you can use to cut, paste and copy data. There is a paste append option that allows the user to avail the clipboard paste function. This means that you can copy data and it will be copied to the clipboard. If you want to paste anything from the clipboard, simply insert it from there.

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