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How to create a button in Microsoft Access

Ms Access allows you to create buttons in order to customize your forms and reports. It automates your work and completes a task with the help of a single click. The process of process of creating a button is very easy and it allows you to add a picture to the button or write text on the button. You can give it any shape or apply different effects to it.

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How to Create Tables Using Application Parts in Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access allows you to create tables, forms, queries and reports that are essential for your database. You can use different features to easily create your own database even if you are new to the Access. In this tutorial, we will guide you how to create tables in Access. Tables in Access are the foundation for your database and your record entries.

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How to Create a Table in Design View and Assigning Primary Key in Microsoft Access

Design view in Access is the best way to create tables, forms and reports. Design view lets you configure even the smallest option in your database. It provides you with various options for table construction. In addition to all the features on table tools field ribbon, it has many customizable field properties. Furthermore, we will teach you how to assign a primary key to your database. Primary key is the unique identifier of a specific table and it can be any field that is unique to that table only. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to assign a primary key in Access.

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How to Create Relationship in Microsoft Access

Access is considered a relational database in which data is split into tables that are interconnected. Database Relationship tells you how one table is connected to the other table and how data is integrated in between them. It is important to know how relationships in Access work in order to maintain referential integrity between tables.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to create relationship in Access.

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How to Sort, Filter and Search in Microsoft Access

Ms Office Access is database application software that lets you create a database with ease. Access makes it easy to search your table and data. There are three main techniques in this software to do this which are; finding, sorting and filtering. If you have a large database it becomes impossible to look for a particular record so the use of these tools makes it convenient to look for data in a more effective manner. To sort in Access is very effective in finding data and records.

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