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How to Make Animated GIFs?

Animated imagery grabs the attention of the user, making a web page more interactive. Animation is done by joining in two or more pictures in the chronological order forming a logical sequence. This format is usually called GIF which means Graphics Interchange Format. It is not hard to create a gif animation. There are also many applications and websites available which help you to create animations. You can easily Google for many such applications and download on on to your system.
In this tutorial we will guide you on how to make animated GIFs by following just a few steps.

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How To Download Free Online Virus Scans?

The online community is moving at a fast pace and business seems to be growing rapidly. Various tasks and procedures, which were done manually, can be completed within seconds due to technological advancements in this field. Apart from the many benefits of working online, there are always drawbacks, primarily in the shape of computer viruses, malware and other harmful scripts. Valuable data can be lost from your personal computer due to viruses. One way of protecting your personal computer from getting infected is by installing an antivirus application. You can use the application to scan your computer on a regular basis. This would help in detecting and getting rid of malware and other forms of computer virus. It should be kept in mind that scanning your computer requires a lot of time, which usually depends on the amount of data you are scanning.
If you don’t know how to setup and use an antivirus then this tutorial will guide you through the whole procedure. For this tutorial we would be using “Kaspersky” which is one of the most simple and powerful applications available to date.
Follow the steps below to learn how to download free online virus scans and security programs.

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How to convert pdf to word and word to pdf?

In this tutorial you would learn how to convert a PDF file into a word document and vice versa.

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How to convert music to ringtones?

You can follow this step by step guide to convert your music files into ringtones.

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