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How To Add Photoshop Fonts?

Today, Photoshop is one of the most popular designing tool available to you. It provides very easy and comprehensive editing tools with a user friendly UI that makes maneuvering around the application very easy. Photoshop also contains a text editing tool. You can use its pre-installed fonts for making banners, advertisement and lots of other creative projects, or you can add several fonts to the application and use them to add that creative touch to your images. There are various other fonts available on the internet and many of them allow you to download Photoshop fonts for free. You can choose from the several font sites which are specifically developed for this purpose.
Follow through these simple steps to learn how to add Photoshop fonts on your computer. In this tutorial we will be logging on to “Urban Fonts”, which is a web platform containing a database of several different fonts . You can download these fonts for free from the website. Simply log on to:

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