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How to Share a Printer Between Multiple Computers

In this tutorial we will guide you how to share a printer between multiple computers. Sharing a printer on a network is easy and can be done by going to the Devices and Printers window and altering the Printer properties.

Printer share is common to improve the efficiency of a single one.

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How to Get Your Printer Online

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to get your printer online. This is a fairly easy process.

There may be times when your printer is connected, and it’s on, but for some reason when you check the printer status, in the devices and printers window, it appears offline and won’t print any documents.

To understand how to check if your printer is online follow the steps given below.

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How to Add a Printer in Mac

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Add A Printer in Mac.

Adding a printer to mac is very simple and can be achieved in a few easy steps.

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How to Add Printer in Linux

In this tutorial we will show you how to add a printer in Linux. Today, a printer is an essential device as it allows you to get a hard copy of the documents that you made on your system. However, what one needs to know is that every printer needs to be configured in the system.

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How to Set Default Printer on Mac

In this video tutorial we will show you how to set default printer on Mac.

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