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How to Find Movie Recommendations

Knowing about a movie from different sources before you buy a ticket to cinema, buy a DVD or download it from Internet pays off. In this tutorial we’ll feature several websites that give good movie recommendations and beyond that.

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Mac Tweaks

How To Get Better Genius Recommendations in iTunes?

Through iTunes you can directly access the Apple store and purchase music. iTune’s Genius is one of the features which allows you to search music online. It recommends you music by keeping track of your playlist and allowing you to download according to your choice. First you have to select a song from the music library and then “Genius” will automatically search online and display recommendations related to your choice This feature makes iTunes one of the best applications for finding music. All you have to do is to create an apple iTunes account and enjoy the many features this application has to offer.
In this tutorial we guide you on how to get better genius recommendations in iTunes.

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