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How to Take a Screen Shot on an iPad or iPhone on iOS 9

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to take a snapshot of the screen on iPad and iPhone on iOS9.

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How to Take Screenshot on iPhone Running on iOS 7

In this tutorial, you will learn how to take screenshots on an iPhone running iOS 7.

Taking a screenshot on iPhone is easy if you know the secret: with a simple touch of two buttons, users of all iPhone models, except for first generation of iPhones, can take a screenshot of almost anything that is happening on the screen.

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How to Take ScreenShot on Mac

In this video tutorial we will show how to use print screen on Mac.

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How to Take Screenhot in Windows 7

While working on a project or simply surfing on the Internet, have you ever come across a situation where you want to capture the screen just as it is? In order to cater this problem, Windows offers you a quick and easy solution of using its Print Screen command. Using a Print Screen is just like using a camera to take a snapshot of your current display screen at the time when you want it. Follow this step by guide to learn how to use print screen on Windows.

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How to print screen on a mac

In mac OS X, “print screen” is known as screen captures or screenshots. On the keyboard of Mac there is no button as “print screen”, however you can capture the screen by using shortcuts. So instead of the “print screen” button there is a print screen command in Mac Os x. In this tutorial we will show you how to print screen in mac.

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