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How to use parental controls to block unwanted content in Windows 7

It is important to control and guide users on the computer to keep yourself and the user safe from unwarranted information.
Many parents and guardians find it difficult to restrict their children from access to explicit content and look for manual and ineffective ways to hide information or restrict usage. The best way of managing it is to manage the user accounts through Parental Control.
Parental Control allows or disallows user accounts from using the computer at given hours, set rating levels for gaming access and restrict usage of certain software, through its settings. If you feel that you need to manage your user accounts, Parental Control is an effective tool for doing so.

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How to remove unwanted things from Images in Photoshop

It’s a known fact that snaps will never come out perfectly according to our requirements. Most of the time, we have to take snapshots again and again to avoid unwanted objects. However this problem can be fixed by using Photoshop. It provides various tools which are specifically designed to fix images. Today we will show you five different tools and methods to remove unwanted object from a picture and manipulate it according to your desire.

Follow this step by step guide to learn how to remove unwanted things from images in Photoshop.

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