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How to Setup and Customize WordPress User Registration

Many blog administrators require their users to register for their blog so that their posts can be moderated. Also, the users are kept aware of the blogs activity through emails, newsletters, etc.
In this tutorial, we will teach you how to setup wordpress user registration through a plugin.

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How to Change Dropbox User on Computer

In this video tutorial we will show you how to change dropbox user on computer.
To change dropbox user account on your computer, right-click on the “Dropbox” icon and choose “Preferences”.


In the “Account” tab choose “Unlink This computer”. Confirm the changes by pressing “Ok”.

Choose “I already have a Dropbox account”.

I already have a Dropbox account

Log in to “Dropbox” with another user email and password. Choose your Dropbox capacity. Choose “Typical” as the setup type and press the “Install” button. After that, choose “Merge” if you want to combine your previous and new “Dropbox” folders.


If you know how to use Dropbox, choose “Skip tour”. Now press “Finish”.


How to Add and Change a User to MySQL Databases

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