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How to Copy or Paste Data in Excel via VBA

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to copy and paste data in Excel using VBA. Copying data and pasting it into another cell or worksheet is a simple task in Microsoft Excel. However it can trouble you a lot if you have a large amount of data and multiple spreadsheets to work with. Visual Basic for applications i.e. VBA helps you to perform these kinds of tasks which you need to carry out repeatedly. So here we are creating a VBA copy and VBA paste scripts using Excel macros for copying and pasting of data from one Sheet to another.

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How to Create and Clear Array VBA (Excel)

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to create and clear arrays in VBA Excel.

Arrays are basically a group of variables which have similar properties. Instead of using multiple variables, it’s better to use a single array. By using arrays, we can use a single variable for several values. It can store from 1 to more than thousands of values depending on the size of program. Arrays use a loop function to work which helps to store, retrieve and modify values in it. It is also a good practice to clear arrays in VBA programs at the end to free up the memory used to store it. This is very helpful when working on large data or spreadsheets as it slows down the overall performance of the program. Here we are using arrays in VBA Excel to input more than one values in a single variable with the help of macros.

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How to Write Excel Macros via VBA

You can easily get started with writing the visual basic code by enabling the feature in Microsoft Excel. By writing VBA excel macro, you can automate a number of tasks which otherwise might take a lot of your time. For example, changing the formatting of a whole document in a specific way, etc.

Follow this step by step tutorial where we will guide you on how to write Microsoft excel macros using Visual Basic.

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How to Format Date in Excel via VBA

In this tutorial, we will teach you how in Excel, the format date feature can be applied using Visual Basic. Basically, there are many vba excel format date keywords that can be used in your code to display the date in the format you want.

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How to Search in Excel via VBA Code

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to search in Excel using visual basic. Visual Basic is a simple programming language developed by Microsoft. It is also integrated into several Microsoft Office applications. By using Visual Basic, we can add advanced functions using VBA scripts called macros. Usually macros are used to perform that needs to be carry out repeatedly.

As we have a very limited functionality of Search function in Excel therefore we can use the VBA macros to enhance search results as per our requirements. VBA Excel find script can be written in many ways depending on your needs. Here we are guiding you on creating a simple search in Excel VBA code.

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