How to Buy Bitcoins

In this tutorial, you will learn how to buy Bitcoins.

Buying Bitcoins is relatively easily, especially if you have done any Bitcoin acquisition in the past.

The first thing that you need is a secure online wallet. Several sites provide you with this, and we’ll use one of them.

Step 1.
Open up a browser and go to

go to

Step 2.
You are presented with a range of applications that offer the wallet function amongst others. Our choice is Multibit.

choose Multibit application

Step 3.
Download and install the wallet executable if you didn’t have it, otherwise launch your digital wallet application.

Alternatively, you can use a web wallet on one of the many sites that provide it.

launch your digital wallet

Step 4.
The next thing you need is to get an address. In the Multibit application, click Request. A new address is generated for you. Copy that in the clipboard.

Think of it as a bank account: give it a name. We’ll call it learning expenses.

click Request

Step 5.
Open up a browser window and go to:

You are presented with a fast integrator of Bitcoin transfer. Let’s see it in action.

go to

Step 6.
Change the country to Virgin Islands, either British or US.

change country

Step 7.
Select Moneygram as point of collection. From “Pay to” menu, select Bitcoin address.

select Bitcoin address

Step 8.
Paste the previously copied address in the below field. Fill in the others. Resolve the captcha, then click on “Send funds”.

click Send funds

Result: Congratulations, you have just bought your first Bitcoins online!