How to Schedule Tweets

You can manage your social media by using twitter tools to schedule tweets so that you will be available around the clock without having to be there on your desk. Studies have shown that users who post 15 tweets per day at various times are the most effective.

This video tutorial is going to highlight how to schedule tweets on


Step#1 log on

Log on to In order to start using the service. When logged in, choose a ‘add another social media network’ tab.

log on

Step#2 choose twitter from the list

Choose twitter from the list. Authorize Hoot suiteto access your twitter account

choose twitter from the list

Step#3 hootsuite homepage

Once you authorize the app, you will be taken to hoot suite homepage. Here you can see all streams on your twitter account.

hootsuite homepage

Step#4 go to your hoot suite profile

Click on your Hootsuite profile button on your top left.

go to your hoot suite profile

Step#5 create a tweet

To create a tweet, click on the message tab on top your profile and start typing. Here you can add a link related to your post.

create a tweet

Step#6 go to scheduling button

Below the message, click on scheduling button. Choose date and time for your tweet. Check on ‘e-mail me when message is sent’ to receive e-mails when tweet has successfully been posted.

go to scheduling button

Step#7 choose your twitter account on your left

Choose your twitter account on the right of your message tab and click schedule. And your message will have successfully been scheduled.

choose your twitter account on your left

Ste#8 View your scheduled tweets

To view your scheduled messages, go to publisher on your top left. Here, you are able to view your scheduled messages.

View your scheduled tweets

Another service similar to hoot suite is media funnel available at It t has multi-user capability, added language support and private branding capabilities.

Others include socialoomp, gremln, and twitterfeed.