How to Verify a New Email Address

In this tutorial you will learn how to verify a new email address.

The verification step for a new email address is usually done in the case of website email accounts, where there is the need to confirm an alternate email address as a valid method of communication with the email provider and a safe backtrack in the cases of lost password.

Step 1. Open up a new browser window and go to the email provider of your choice. Ours will be

Step 2. Choose Sign up. At the following page, write all the required information, including your current email address.

sign up and provide your info

sign up and provide your info

Alt Text: “sign up and provide your info”

Step 3. Choose “Create the account”. The email system will send you a verification email.

Step 4. Now navigate to your current email provider and check for new messages. If you have a spam filter aggressively set, the verification email might be lost in the Junk, or Spam folders. Find it, recover it and select to verify or confirm your email from the body of email.

confirm your email

Step 5. If you still didn’t receive any mail from your new email provider, wait anywhere between five and fifty minutes. Check again. Has the email not reach your inbox, you should contact the support department of your email provider.

Result: Your new email address is now verified.