How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Stop Error 0xc0000006

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to fix blue screen of death stop error 0xc0000006.
Error 0xc0000006 normally occurs because of corrupt registry files. It can also be caused by certain virus infections. This error can also be caused by outdated drivers, missing DLL files.
When you will come across the error 0xc0000006, you will notice common symptoms such as startup problem in Windows, blue screen of death error, etc. The system might be performing a little slow than the usual or the system might freeze from time to time. Most of the times, Windows will fail to start a certain process due to this error.

Step 1 – Repair your computer option

In order to resolve this blue screen of death stop error 0xc0000006, press the reset button of your computer. When the system is restarting, hit the F8 key in order to view the advanced boot options. From here, select the “repair your computer” option before you hit the enter key.

Choose the repair your computer option

Step 2 – Select the keyboard layout

After a few minutes, the System Recovery window will appear. Select the keyboard layout and click on the Next button.

Choose the keyboard layout

Step 3 – Provide username and password

In the next window, you will have to provide the username and password of your user account. Click on the Ok button to proceed further.

Enter username and password

Step 4 – Choose a recovery tool

Next, you will be asked to choose a recovery tool; click on the Startup Repair option. This option will automatically search and fix the problems that are preventing Windows from starting.
With that done, the Startup Repair will complete and the startup issues will be repaired.

Choose Startup Repair

Step 5 – Repair startup issues

With that done, the Startup Repair will complete and the startup issues will be repaired.
Click on the Finish button and you will go back to the “choose a recovery tool” window.

Use Startup Repair to resolve startup issues

Step 6 – Restart system

Click on the Restart button. Once your system restarts, you will be able to run your computer in normal mode. In this manner, you can get rid of the error 0xc0000006.

Restart computer