How to Use Diskpart

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to use diskpart. Diskpart is a built in Win system 32 program which allows the user to work with the disks present. We will teach you how to use this tool to list and select disks & volumes.

Step 1: Run as administrator

In this step by step guide you will learn how to use diskpart.
First of all, go to the start menu and in the search bar, type diskpart. From the search results, right click on the diskpart program and select the “run as administrator” option.

Open diskpart program

Step 2: List Disks

As a result, diskpart will appear on your screen. Once there, type in “list disk”. This command will show you the list of disks with a summary of the total size of the disk and how much free space is available.

View disk list

Step 3: Select the disk

In this tutorial, disk 0 was displayed. In order to select the disk that was listed, type in select followed by the name of the disk. Hit the enter key and you will be displayed with a notification that the specific disk has been selected.

Select the listed disk

Step 4: List Volume

If you want to list the volumes, type in the following command: “list volume” and then hit the enter key. If you want to select any volume, use the select command again; this time however, insert the volume name after the select command.

Select volume

Step 5: Extend volume

Next, type in “extend” and then hit the enter key on your keyboard. You will be notified that the volume has been extended. In this manner, you can use diskpart to extend volumes.

Volume Extension