BMP Image Format vs. JPEG

In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly what is BMP image is and why it is useful.

Step # 1 – What is a BMP?

If you’ve never seen BMP images before, your first question will most likely be what is BMP? BMP is defined as a bitmap image file, otherwise known as a device independent bitmap file format, but in its most simple definition it is commonly referred to as a bitmap.

What is a bmp file

Step # 2 – Why use a BMP instead of a JPEG?

Most people wonder why anyone would even use a BMP file when they could just convert to something like a JPEG which is a much smaller file size. While the JPEG is smaller, the BMP is completely uncompressed which gives it better quality, along with the increased size.

The advantages of each format

Step # 3 – Other BMP Advantages

Along with being higher quality, BMP files also are a much more universal format. This is becoming less useful as older operating systems are being used even less. However, in the rare occasion you come across a program or an OS that can’t read JPEG, you can still fall back on BMP.

In the end, JPEG is still a superior file format, but BMP will always have its place even if it’s a rarity. You now know the answer to the question what is BMP!

The advantages of the BMP format