How to Authorize Lightroom on Flickr

To authorize lightroom on flickr, first check and make sure the FlickR plugin is enabled. In the Library Module go to Export

go to export

Then Plug-In Manager (in the lower left corner) and make sure its enabled.
In the leftmost column go to Publish Services, expand and click on “Flickr Set Up”” to open the Lightroom Publishing Manager.

Click Flickr setup

Select Flickr

select Flickr

Then click Add underneath it

Click Add underneath it

In the Create New Publish Connection window that pops up, click create.

Click create

Make sure you click authorize,

Establish authorization

Then follow the ensuing steps in the pop-ups that follow. Once you’ve logged in to flickr, and back to Lightroom’s page, fill in the settings, then Save.

Fill in settings and click save

Lightroom will now be authorized on Flickr.

Lightroom will now be authorized for Flickr