How to Change Color in GIMP

In this video tutorial we will show you how to change color in GIMP.

In order to change color in GIMP you need to start the program. Go to the “File” menu and click “Open”. Choose the image file on your computer and press the “Open” button.

Choose the image

Go to the “Colors” menu and select “Map” option.

Select Map

Choose “Color Excange…” option from the drop-down menu.

Choose Color Exchange

In the opened window, in the preview window, you can choose the color you you want to replace. Press and hold the crossed arrows icon and pick a color.

Select the color

In the preview window, click the middle mouse button to choose a color. Go to the “To Color” palette.

In the following window choose the color you want to replace the initial color.

Replace the initial color

Press “ОК”. The selected color has been succesfully changed.