How to Convert RGB to CMYK

In this tutorial you will learn how to convert from RGB to CMYK.
RGB and CMYK are abbreviations for color coding spaces used in the print and digital worlds. Their initials represent in fact the different ways color is formed in each of media: in traditional print, color is generated in a subtractive method, while in digital media color is generated additively.
Along time, a need of maintaining a correct equivalence between these two different color generation methods has arisen.
Here is one very handy method.

Step 1. Open up a new web browser. Go to, and hit Enter.

open browser and hit enter

Step 2. Choose the color converter tool from the lower part of the screen.

choose color converter tool

Step 3. Input the separate red, green and blue values and click on the RGB -> CMYK button.
The cyan, magenta, yellow and black values are displayed in the upper window.

input indicated values

Step 4. Also, you might want to write down web addresses like:, or

website suggestions

Result: Enjoy! Your have successfully converted your color from RGB to CMYK space.