How to Create Text Frames in InDesign

Text frames contain any text you add to an InDesign Creative Suite 5 publication. You can create a new text frame in an InDesign CS5 publication in many different ways: with the Type tool, Frame tool, or by drawing a shape.

Step#1 open and select type tool

Select the “Type” tool.

Step#2 Draw a text frame

Draw a text frame. If desired, enter precise dimensions for the box in the “X” and “Y” boxes in the “Control” palette.

Step#3 enter the desired text

Enter text if desired.

Step#4 change your document stroke size

Pick the “Selection” tool. Click on the “Stroke” box on the tools palette. Change the “Weight” to the desired stroke size.

Step#5 choose your stroke color

Select the “Color” palette. Choose the desired colors for the stroke and fill.

Step#6 save your work

To save you work go to “File” and select “Export” then choose the directory after that choose the name of the file and click on “save”
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