How to Export Lightroom Photos to iPhoto

To export photos from lightroom to iphoto there are a few steps to take. You’ll need to convert them to jpegs first. So select the photos you’d like to send to iphoto.

select photos

Then select file. Then select export.

file > export

In the export dialog you’ll need to select the settings you’d like here and a location to save them to that we can find later. Scroll down to the file settings section. In the drop down select jpeg.

select JPEG from import format under file settings

Select the quality and color space. Then click export.
This will export these photos and turn them into jpegs.

click on export

Now open iphoto. Select file. Import to library.

select file > import to library

Find the photos we just exported and click ok.

find photos and click ok

The photos will then be imported into iphoto.

photos are now imported to iphoto