How to group objects in Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is an extremely useful software which allows one to easily work with various structures and images and especially 3d drawing.
This tutorial will explain how to use Sketchup so as to group different objects you made inside this software. Working by making groups in Google SketchUp makes the process of moving around and copying detailed structures easier.

Step 1: Move a portion of the illustration

Suppose you have a building structure like the one shown here. If you use the “select” tool then you have to make sure that you select every part of it otherwise when you move or copy it with the “move” tool only the certain selected portion will shift. To copy any object, select the “move” tool shortcut for which is “m”. Keep pressing “ctrl” on the keyboard and drag it.

Move a part of the object

Step 2: Group the object

To make sure that the whole illustration moves together, group the different planes into one. There are two ways to group them. First, select all of them and then either go to the “edit” menu and drop down to the “make group” option or simply right click on the object you selected and choose the same “make group” option from there.

Group the illustration

Step 3: Further group objects

As you will see, a blue box now appears around the complete 3d drawing. When you move or copy it now, the complete illustration moves or gets copied.

Make more groups

Step 4: Release a group

More than one of these buildings can be grouped together. To group two of them together, choose them by means of the “select” tool. Keep pressing shift and click on both of the drawings, right click on them and make them both into a single group. Now when you copy it, the complete group that is both of the buildings will be copied.
Let’s just work on the first three structures for now so delete the newly copied ones. To ungroup these two structures, right click on it and press the “explode” option.

Explode a group

Step 5: Edit a group

You can further edit a group by again right clicking, and going to the “edit group” option. You can now move around the planes in this specified illustration.

Alter a group

While learning how to use Sketchup it is essential to know how to group objects together. This is a very useful tool as it comes in handy while working with complex artwork.