How to Install GIMP Brushes on Mac

In this video tutorial we will show you how to install GIMP brushes on Mac.

In order to install GIMP brushes on Mac, open the Safari browser. Go to “”.

Go to

Type “gimp brushes” and press “Search Art” button. Select any brush set from the list.

Select any brush

On the next page, click on “Download file” on the right.

Start the download

Close the Safari browser.
Open the downloaded brushes and select all files. Right click on them and choose “Copy All items”.

Copy all items

Go to your home folder, open “Library” and find the “GIMP” folder in it.

Find the GIMP folder

Into the “GIMP” folder, locate the “brushes” folder.

Locate the brushes folder

Right click and choose “Paste All items” from the appeared menu.

Paste All Items

Now start the GIMP editor. Go to the “File” menu and choose “New”. In the appeared window set the image properties and press “OK”. Click on the “Brush” icon and choose one of the new brushes.

Choose one of the new brushes

Draw in the image area to test it. As you can see, GIMP brushes have been successfully installed on Mac.