How to Remove Spots in Lightroom

In this video tutorial we will show you how to use lightroom spot removal.

In order to use the spot removal in lightroom, open the Adobe Lightroom. Press “import”.

Open the photo library

Select a photo and click “Import”.

Select a photo

Go to the “Develop” tab.

Go to the Develop tab

Zoom in on your photo. Select the “Spot removal” tool.

Select the Spot removal tool

Adjust the size of the tool by dragging a slider. Click on the area you wish to edit.

Edit the selected photo

Then, move the circle aside, where the desirable area is and click again. Adjust the size of a “spot removal” tool. Select a spot you want to remove and drag aside from the circle. Select another spot and repeat the action. To confirm the changes, click on “Spot removal” again.