How to Use Lightroom for HDR

To use Lightroom to create photos for HDR select the photos you’ll be using to get a really wide tonal range on. With the images selected click on photo in the top menu.

Click on Photo in the top menu after selecting your photo

From there select edit in.

select Edit In

Then select merge to hdr pro in photoshop.

select Merge to HDR pro in Photoshop...

Once the photos are merged in photoshop select 32 bit mode.

Choose 32 bit

Remove ghosts if you’d like. Then click ok.

uncheck remove ghosts if you’d like and click ok

Click file. Then save.

choose file > save

It will now create a merged photo with a huge tonal range that will be brought back into lightroom where you can adjust all the settings to your liking.

go back to lightroom to reveal your HDR photo