How to Use Lightroom Noise Reduction

To use lightroom noise reduction first we need to select the photo we’re going to work on.

select the photo

Then click on the develop module.

click on develop module

You’ll need to scroll down to the detail section on the right hand tool bar and click on the arrow to open it. This will open the noise reduction palette.

scroll down to detail section and click on arrow

You’ll want to move the color first. Generally 25-30 is a good starting point for this. This setting basically recognizes what colors the noise is generating and reduces it.

set up the color

Once you’ve adjusted that to your liking move up to the luminance. Adjust the luminance so the noisy area looks smooth. This setting will basically making something that looks like sand look really smooth. You don’t want to over do it and have it be all blurry, but find a good setting.

move on to luminance and adjust

Then use the detail slider to fine tune it even more.

adjust detail slider

Then if you need contrast add that in. As a rule usually luminance is set highest, detail to the left of that, and then contrast to the left of detail if at all.

add contracts if you need to