How to Use Photoshop Bird’s Eye View

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Bird’s Eye View feature in Photoshop.

This trick is very simple and will help you speed up your editing process.

Step #1 – Open your image in Photoshop

When you want to zoom in on a particular area of your image, to touch it up, it can be one step too many. You have to hold down command or control + or – and then pan down to the desired area.

Photoshop Bird's Eye View

Step #2 – Activate Birds Eye View Feature

Hold down “H” on your keyboard as well as your left click on your mouse or trackpad. You will then see a rectangle outline the hand tool. Simply navigate to the area you want to zone in on and release the left click.

Photoshop Bird's Eye View

Step #3 – Move to a new area to work on & practice technique

Hold the “H” key down again, and the left click and find a new area to work on. This technique will save you significant time when you need to punch in quickly and touch up a specific area of your photo.

Photoshop Bird's Eye View

With the bird’s eye view feature you can quickly zoom in to specific areas on your image. This feature acts as two in one. A zoom and a pan.

You have now successfully learned how to use the Photoshop Bird’s Eye View feature.