How to Wrap Text Around Image in InDesign

Adobe InDesign is publishing software that allows you to create documents such as fliers, newsletters and brochures on your computer. When you place an object, such as a picture or a floating text box, in your document, you may wish to use a text wrap on the object. This allows you to position typed text around the object, rather than over it, for better design and readability.

Step #1 create a new document

Select the Text tool and draw a text box to fill the page

create a new document

Step #2 type your text

Start typing your text

type your text

Step #3 import your image

Import your image and place it on the text by clicking on the rectangle tool frame then select the size for the picture on the text. Go to “file” scroll down. To “place”, then choose the picture from the directory.

import your image

Step #4 opens the text wrap window

Go to “windows” then go down to “text wrap “

opens the text wrap window

Step #5 click on text wrap

Click on “wrap around bounding box.” And that is it.

click on text wrap

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