Chat with Artificial Intelligence Online

In this tutorial you will learn how to chat with artificial intelligence online.
Internet bots, or web robots can be surprisingly clever sometimes. You don’t believe us?
Just try to chat to Cleverbot.

Step 1. Go to That’s the home of Cleverbot – a web robot that learns from humans while talking to them.

Cleverbot website

Step 2. To start the conversation with Cleverbot, type in the first phrase. We’ll start with saying hello.
You can see that Cleverbot is eager to talk with you and he won’t hesitate trying to outsmart you.
Continue your dialog for as long as you wish.

start the conversation

Step 3. If you want to see the best of other dialogs, click “Cleverness” link.
We like to our conversation with Cleverbot and now we want to talk about music. And…surprize! This Cleverbot is a fan of Armstrong.

click „Cleverness link”

Result: Congratulations! You have just learned How to chat with artificial intelligence online.