Easy Way to Translate English to Tamil

In this tutorial you will learn how to use an easy English to Tamil converter.

Step # 1 – Access a Translator

Go to “http://translate.google.com“. This is one of the most popular language translation facilities in the world and has remarkable accuracy.

Visiting the Google Translate site

Step # 2 – Select the Languages

At the top, to the right of the word “Translate,” you will see three gray boxes. The one to the left says “From:,” while the one to the right says “To:.” Between them is a small gray box with arrows. Click the “From:” box, and select “English” from the list. Then click the “To:” box and select “Tamil” from the list.

Choosing your translation languages

Step # 3 – Completing the Translation

In the white fill in box below, enter the text that you need to translate. Once you do, the Google english to tamil converter will automatically translate the language. The words will appear in Tamil on the right side and that is the simple process for translating these languages using Google Translate.

The translated text