How to Play Drums Online for Free

In this tutorial you learn will how to play drums online for free.
So you want to learn drumming, but the prices for good drum kits start from 1000 dollars per set. Here’s how to get familiar with drumming without any initial investment, except for computer and Internet!

Step 1: Go to drumset looks nice and you can play it now and free! Click “Play free”.

click “Play free”

Step 2: Now let’s choose the drumming style we want to try. The drum sets differ according to drum style. We’ll choose Hip Hop beats for a start. We hope it will be easy…

choosing drumming style

Step 3: You’ll be shown the keyboard settings where each drum element corresponds to keyboard key. We’re very curious to try drumming, so let’s click “Play”. The chances that you’ll remember which key corresponds to which drum element are small. We’ll just experiment with all computer keys.
That did not sound good… Maybe we need a professional to teach us?

click “Play”

Step 4: Let’s click “Drum Lessons” in the upper part of the page.

click “Drum Lessons”

Step 5: We’ll choose to hear “Smoke on the water”. We click on its name and click “Play Song”

choosing song

Step 6: The website redirects us to page with drum sheet music and example of good drumming! Let’s click “Play” to hear it.

playing song

Result: We guarantee you hours of fun with this drumming website. Now you have learned how to play drums online for free and learn some drumming lessons!