How to Build up Formulas in Excel for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

In this tutorial you will learn to create formulas in Excel for iPhone and iPad using the dedicated tool for such purpose.

Step # 1 – Navigate through the “Formulas” option

Depending on the version of Excel for iPhone that you are using, the “Formulas” tool can be found in different locations. If you are using an Iphone, click the ribbon button located at the top menu toolbar.

Navigate through the Formulas option

And then click the option “Formulas”

click the option

If you are running Excel for iPhone on an iPad, you can directly locate the “Formulas” option at the top menu toolbar:

top menu toolbar

Step # 2 – Using formulas:

Once opened, you will find all the available formulas organized in categories. Browse the different options until you find the most suitable for you. In this specific case, for demonstration purposes, we will select the “AutoSum” category:

AutoSum category

For this example we will use a formula to find the average of a range of numbers. The next step will be tapping “Average”:

the average of a range of numbers

The last step will be selecting the range of cells you would like to include in the formula. To achieve this, drag the blue square from the corner. To get the result, just click the “Ok” button.

just click the Ok button