How to Change Caps to Lowercase in Word

Word makes it very easy to change the case of word or sentence. This tutorial will show how to change caps to lowercase in Word as well as some other capitalization features.

Step # 1 – Changing to Lowercase

Let’s start by looking at changing a fully upper case sentence to lower case. This is often useful if you have accidentally typed something out with the caps lock on. Highlight the whole sentence and then make sure you are in the “Home” tab and click the “Change Case” icon which is located in the “Font” area. In the menu that appears choose “lowercase” and the entire sentence will be changed.

The lowercase text option

Step # 2 – Using Sentence Case

Word has rightly pointed out that the word at the start of the sentence should still have a capital letter. Using the “Sentence case” feature can be useful here. Select the sentence and click the “Change case” icon again, from the options select “Sentence case”. As you can see it automatically capitalizes the first word of the sentence.

The sentence case option

Step # 3 – The Other Case Options

There are several other options in the “Change case” icon. “Capitalize Each Word” is useful for titles, “Toggle Case” is ideal if you have left the caps lock on and “Uppercase” can be used if you need to emphasize a part of the document.

Other options to apply to the text